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influence of Temperature and viscosity of oli to speed of piston. have been by test-drive of viscosity to some type of oli among other things oli Top 1,Prima xp.Federal,and bad oil.Metode used by method of measurement and each calculation oli taken by 250 ml and heated by during 120 sekon,The effect of that will be got a certain temperature after warm-up.To know speed of piston tested with a pipe of have diameter to 5.6 cm and long 60 cm and piston changed with can which have diameter to 5,4 cm with mass 144 gr. pipe keeled over in such a manner with angle;corner of inclination 75 derajat.test of speed momentary after oli is heated.Calculation obtained by using equation of viskositas.From the result of attempt and calculation got that oli top 1 owning storey;level of higher level viscosity and oli of ex- owning storey;level of more viscosity of rendah,dan oli top 1 cool quicker and hot quicker and oli of ex- representing most oli ugly. Target. than researching into is know how far influence of temperature and viscosity of oli to speed of piston.We hope with this researched socialize.will be more beware of in election of correct oli for their machine.

Key words : Temperature, Viscosity oli ,Piston speed


At a period of/to this time the matter which we assume to trifle might possibly give very big contribution for our life(2) . For example frequently socialize origin fill or change oli of their machine without considering quality of than just wrong of oil.When a few/little in election of oli can generate impact which sad for machine.. Instead of if them accurately chosen correct oli consideredly mount viscosity of than oil. We have to understand type of oil of what precisely for our machine . On of moment temperature of the oli work maximally and karakterisasi oli which is like what snugly for machine of kita.Sebuah oli have feebleness and correct excess masing-masing(4).Ada oli for the hot area and and there is also oli which is suited for area which cold so a company of if wishing to produce a type of oli shall consider matter (3). influence of Temperature and viscosity of oli to speed of piston in fact non foreign matter again make some of circle of students, because conception this very relate to eye of campus more precisely the time learn viskosity(5).Viscosity represent one of content of most oil of prone ,because go together thick of oil and how big resistance to flow.Oil own grade or degree of tersebdiri arranged by SAE(1). Target of than researchlng into this is to know how far influence of temperature oli to speed of piston of motor later;then know type of oli which have the good characteristic to and also compare viscosity of some oli.But benefit expected by can open on to about good oli of so that soiety will be more easy to conduct election of correct oli make mrsin mereka.dan also know how relation/link of viscosity with piston speed.


Data in researching into this in the form of temperatur,time,mass etc,Temperatur in consequence of warm-up oil, while time is duration of time of warm-up of oli as well as time interval from oli is newly heated till the oli return at temperature of room.To get how much k like viscosity of oli and speed of piston conducted by making appliance of simple ,lool a pipe which have diameter to 5,6 cm longly 60 cm and piston replaced with a can of glass which have diameter to of 5,4 of its cm mass and 144gr.Pipe keeled over in such a manner later;then oli top 1 is heated to by nub with cream at interior of pipe later;then the the can released. time of Launching of measured . further for type of oli another.Then counted/calculated how much the viskosity. Materials of Research of some type of oli among other things oli top 1,federal,prima xp,dan oli of ex- with volume ofeach oli 250 ml,tools of Research a pipe with diameter 5,6 cm longly 60 cm and a ex- can of with of diameter 5,4 cm with mass 144gr while long of piston 8 cm.Is created in such a manner with inclination 75 of its elementary derajat On this appliance work as according to principle punish viskositas and glbb. Also 3 fruit of termometer,mistar,neraca,gelas measure 500 ml 4 unit, cans, pipe,stopwatch, and stove of electrics 2 units.all used by time of warm-up of oli. The calculation conducted in each attempt of each oli.Among of them at the time of oheated,Oil need teme from heat become cool as according to temperature of room.When of calculation conducted legalistic of viskositas and glbb,with of target to look for viscosity and speed of piston.equation to be used to look for viscosity

While to look for speed of piston is


From result of attempt which have been [done/conducted] to be got a data which diffren.To result of speed obtained from calculation as well as time interval required by oli from heat become cool as according to column temperature. olso how much/many momentary temperature after warm-up [done/conducted] and with portion of time which have our determined

We can see at tables following

1.Oli top1

Time (t) Temperature

(°C) Inteval time from hot to cold t piston

(s) V (m/s)

120 40 240 2,77 26,20

120 40 242 2,75 26,01

120 39 243 2,70 25,542

120 39 246 2,76 26,10

2.Oli Prima XP

Time(t) Temperature

(°C) Inteval time from hot to cold t piston

(s) V (m/s)

120 38 326 2,79 26,39

120 38 331 2,90 27,43

120 38 332 2,93 27,71

120 37 329 2,99 28,28

3.Oli Federal

Time (t) Temperature

(°C) Inteval time from hot to cold t piston

(s) V (m/s)

120 36,9 357 3,01 28,47

120 36,5 354 3,05 28,85

120 35 352 3,04 28,86

120 35 356 3,03 28,758

4.Oli Bekas

Time (t) Temperature

(°C) Inteval time from hot to cold t piston

(s) V (m/s)

120 32,4 409 3,05 28,85

120 32,8 406 3,07 29,04

120 30,6 406 3,09 29,23

120 32,1 400 3,12 29,51

Relation of among temperature and time of warm-up of oli to speed of piston very clear we see at result of this conculation..We can see result of calculation following.

Oli Top 1 V = (25,963+0,144)m/s

Ή = (0,01952+0,000328)

Prima XP V = (27,45+0,39) m/s

ή = (0,026+0,082)

Feferal V = (28,68+0,078)m/s

Ή = (0,016+0,0058)

Oli bekas V = (29,15+0,143)m/s

Ή = (0,0151+0,00009)

From above result have got a very result is good,because viscosity and temperature very closely related with speed piston.Is the same of matter by temperature that is correlate also by viscosity.Wew get that progressively jell oli hence progressively progressively nicely also velocity which get.according by standart known that by oli nicely for that machine is oli which hot quickly and quickly also he/she return to become cold.according with this criterion hence oli Top 1 most oli of this standart,when oli is hot quicker later;then quickly the coldness and mount viscosity also more good.Then caught up by prima oli Prima xp,federal , and worst of course oli of[is ex-. Matter which not less important also where when we heat each oli seen [by] a very difference strike among oli.I also obtain;get mistake of relative as well as storey;level of goodly correctness nicely that is smaller than 1% srdangkan of his correctness is bag 98%. But result than researching into this is not absolute reference and or the size measure which ppasti to determine whether/what a brand of the oli match for vehicle

anda,melainkan only give common picture hit oli which possible we use sehari-hari. This journal given a knowledge to you is how election of correct oli for your machine


From entirety of inferential analysis

1. Oli which good paing mount viscosity is oli top 1 later; then prima oli of federal xp,oli later;then worst oli 0li secondhand

2. There are very hand in glove relation among viscosity of oli with speed of piston,temperature with speed of piston and relation of among temperature with viscosity oli

3. There are a condition of temperature where oli will work maximally if ideal temperature

4. Each oli have certain condition so that the oli can work maximally

Suggestions can be made based on the results of this study is that recearch can be used as a basis for choosing the right type of oil for our machines and our machines virgin oil with the proper usage.


I render thanks which is as much as possible to Dr Agus Yulianto M.Si, because in his busy of workdload still have time to give tuition to me to finish to research into ini.Juga lepada of friend of child of physics 2007 which always give contribution,And olso to Assistant of departmental lab of Physics UNNES


(1) E.Kreyszig,Advanced Engineering Methematics,6th ed.JhonWiley and Son, New York,1988



(4) 8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a

(5) Tipler,Paul A.2001.Fisika Untuk Sains dan Teknik.Erlangga:Jakarta


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